Dental Treatment Trends

In the last few years dental treatment is a necessity basic for all. More than 70% of adolescents receive type of dental treatment. Improving the dental aesthetic part has become necessary for many patients. This can not only affect your social status but also their professional career. The technology has made many advances possible in the area of printers and three-dimensional scanners (3d). In recent years Alex Ipenburg has researched, developed and applied technologies that have made it possible to build complete orthodontics with 3d modeling.

Dental Technology Trends

The most advanced diagnostic equipment, treatment and clinical design is now a real fact. The products DigiOrtho low-profile cosmetics are compatible with perspectives of patients. DigiOrtho prepares to achieve the perfect smile and does it accessible to a large crowd of people. The continuous effort reduce the waiting time of treatment, increase the patient comfort and incorporate future advances technological developments. DigiOrtho can already supply this treatment of orthodontics in dental clinics throughout the USA.

Future trends in orthodontics

With the concept “remote orthodontics”, DigiOrtho offers you the possibility to provide, with a relatively low investment in means and hours, orthodontic expertise and treatments to your patients with a very attractive return on investment.

Future trends in orthodontics

  • You determine whether the patient needs Treatment
  • Your assistant creates a patient file (3D scan, X-ray, images and patient card)
  • The complete dossier with the dentist treatment plan is sent digitally to DigiOrtho and stored in a secure database
  • DigiOrtho makes a second opinion service (SOS) treatment plan
  • The treatment plan is discussed via video link with your patient and the practitioner of DigiOrtho
  • Agreement between you and your patient about the treatment, duration and cost
  • Your assistant places the first removable or fixed appliances
  • Short interim controls, intraoral image scan and actions following the orders of the specialist with online support DigiOrtho
  • Quarterly online specialist control
  • Brief interim inspections online support DigiOrtho
  • Final inspection by the specialist of DigiOrtho and retention braces


This Business Proposal contains detailed information on the DigiOrtho concept for Dental clinics, the benefits the benefits of integrating the product into clinics. How it works and what it needs for its implementation. The financial section describes our approach of cooperation between Netherlands and the USA followed by a Business Plan model for a period of 5 years, in which investments required are detailed as well as the benefits that can be get within this period.

Orthodontic Market

It is known that dental care is permanent news. The newspapers are full of articles on Health insurance rates and insured contributions. Insurance companies demand more efficiency and the insured are becoming more and more worried. Likewise, the insured become more demanding in the level of service of your dentist. “How can I continue to satisfy my clients and how can I ensure that they keep coming back? “,” How can I offer a level of higher service? “, These kinds of questions are increasingly in a free and transparent market. In the world of orthodontics we see growth similar to this kind of questions. Another difficulty is that many orthodontists are reconsidering its position in the future. As a consequence both the quality of service as customer satisfaction are low pressure. 

Our Concept

  • With the aid of new and innovating technology, we can treat the patient more efficiently and can convert any risks into highly profitable opportunities. Your clinic will get the entire DigiOrtho concept:
  • Personal treatment plan
  • Discuss treatment via video link
  • (Online) orthodontic expertise
  • Consultations via video link with intraoral camera
  • Orthodontic quarterly audits
  • Use DigiOrtho Software
  • Training, support and management assistants
  • Helpdesk
  • Cost estimate for patient
  • Advanced technology and equipment
  • Possibility for support from an DigiOrtho assistant on location
  • Digital Study Models

DigiOrtho Advantages

For the patient

The treatment of the patient is performed in a comfortable environment, with a Dentist and a trusted clinic assistant. Thus the patient
saves unnecessary time and displacement in the numerous consultations to the orthodontist.

For the dental clinic

For the dental clinic the use can be optimized and the staff can work more effectively without the need for training specialized for this kind of consultations that already apply this type of Orthodontic service, DigiOrtho means safety, increased the ability to perform complicated treatments and to patients the confidence and security of receiving the results expected and be guided by highly trained professionals

How can I start?

You will need a DigiOrtho memory card and a powerful computer device equipped with a touch screen, an intraoral camera, a kit Of integration for the 3d scanner and the required software. The card DigiOrtho can be obtained at a very accessible price, including shipping. Installation and a service contract of the maker. This equipment can also be used in works of / and crowns and bridges as well as implants.

Is the DigiOrtho equipment available?

Yes, we are ready to launch the DigiOrtho system and we are in the search of finding interested and enthusiastic agents, like us, in this concept to share the knowledge and reach a greater perspective. We are convinced that with the help of a new and sophisticated technology, we can provide a better service to our patients in a more efficient and profitable way while offering better results in the treatments offered.

DigiOrtho Business Model in America

The business model of America, will consist of 3 owners, Mr Huge, Alex Ipenburg and Dr. Carlos Navarro. Alex and Huge will provide the technological know-how, digital design, infrastructure and the continuous investments in R & D – industry and development including all government Complaince. Carlos will provide the diagnosis to the patients, the treatment and knowledge of medical orthodontics. Both combined make it possible to treat patients from dental clinics across America. All the Dentists, will receive all equipment and materials and help with all permits and USA Market Complaince Necessary to treat patients together with a real-time support system, training and vanguard.

DigiOrtho Execution

Directed from Netherlands

  • Industry and development (i + d)
  • Strategy and marketing plan
  • Hardware (2nd class printers, model printers, Scanners, office equipment)
  • Digital design laboratory
  • Workshop with training videos
  • Infrastructure (server, pc, web page, file portal, Fiber optic internet connection, software)
  • Own production line for applications

Executed from the United States

  • Marketing and Manufacturing implementation
  • Sales
  • Online treatment and diagnosis planning
  • Clinical staff
  • Printing department
  • Production staff
  • Shipping and packaging
  • Financing team
  • Addressing facilities

What is the next step?

Join us, if you are interested in our product, we can offer you an appointment to talk about technical and financial details.