how to go from a really good business to a really great brand.


Smile Doctor Brand provides high level consulting to help you identify your practice vision and goals. Then we drill down to more practical metrics as we assist in getting your team organized, help with daily and weekly logistics, assist with team meetings, provide accountability tracking, streamline new patient flow, and improve patient communication.


Correct office systems lead to excellent increases in profitability. Smile Doctor Brand helps inform staff of best practices for patient education, recall systems, and maximizing opportunity.


Our team will assist your practice in engaging patients in additional treatments. We will even provide you with scripts, so you know exactly what to say to ensure your patients understand the care they need.


Smile Doctor Brand is an expert in soft tissue management programs and teaches dental staff how to define, treat, and code correctly for the best patient and practice outcome.


Communication inside a dental practice or group of dental practices is vital. If communication systems are broken or ineffective you will stunt or retard your own growth. It is vital that communication between ownership, executive team, management, front office team and clinical team are in one hundred percent alignment. Furthermore it is even more important to perfect patient to practice communication. Unfortunately many practices are lacking a bit in this area. But the Smile Doctor Brand protocols and standards developed by GMAX are sure to set the alignment of communication systems internally with the practice and externally with new and existing patient relationships.


Getting your patients to say ‘yes’ is a coordinated team effort. Refining case presentation skills leads to increased case acceptance, which leads to increased practice revenue. Improving the systems in your office will lead to increased team harmony, a better more consistent patient experience, and add to the overall efficiency of your business.


Smile Doctor Brand knows that patients return because of a great dental experience, and we can ensure that your office exceeds expectations. We help create dialogues and systems that encourage patients to say ‘yes’ more often and fine-tune the patient experience for maximum retention.


One of the most important parts of a successful dental practice is targeted, effective marketing, and Smile Doctor Brand can use its experts to make sure this happens while you focus on patients. We can significantly improve new patient referrals, retention, and reactivation while lowering your acquisition cost.


Dentists can innovate to increase their bottom line. Smile Doctor Brand can help you decide which additional procedures are the right fit for your office


At Smile Doctor Brand, we are especially adept at finding new opportunities within the P&L to maximize your profits. We assist in maximizing your top line and working through other line items to ensure you have a balanced overhead.


Dentists often struggle in creating a tight schedule. Smile Doctor Brand knows how to reduce and fill vacancies and optimize office capacity.


Smile Doctor Brand Consulting knows dental commercial real estate and are experts in finding ways to make sure your physical space is working for you. Many dentists are unaware that real estate is not a fixed cost and that, if managed correctly, it can lead to essential gains. We ensure our clients’ space and contracts fit their needs and reflect their practices.Smile Doctor Brand


For dentists nearing retirement, Smile Doctor Brand Consulting can provide a comprehensive analysis of your current position and offer you strategies and concrete ideas to prepare you for the future.


Technology is becoming increasingly important in dentistry, and Smile Doctor Brand knows which innovations are worth your investment. Let us wade through the options and offer you the tech solutions that most closely fit your business needs.


Dental practices are often a hot target for dishonestly and embezzlement with nearly 70% of practices dealing with the problem at some point in their lifetime. Smile Doctor Brand can help show you where you are at risk, how to minimize your risk, and what to do if you suspect embezzlement is occuring. We train dentists on the signs to look for, the mindset of a thief, how to implement checks and balances in your practice, and steps to reduce the likelihood of it happening to you. We help you create systems and awareness on the front end so you minimize loss on the backend.